Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Guides to Buy or Sell Residential Flats in Jaipur

 So, are you thinking of creating your own space on this big planet called earth, and to make a secure place, a safe haven for your family? Are you thinking of owning a house? Are you confused about whether you should rent a house or buy one? What are the various things that you should consider, while you want to buy a house? What are your economic parameters for buying a house? And, what kind of house do you want to own? What kind of neighborhood do you want to live in and raise your children?

Today, tier 2 cities like Jaipur, Bhopal, Baroda, Pune, Lucknow, Amritsar, Ludhiana, are some of the better places to stay in India. Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai and Kolkata are well past their saturation points, both in terms of economic development and standard of living. Tier 2 cities are booming in their economic and financial and real estate development and are turning out to be best investment alternatives, with almost a return of 100%.

Jaipur is one of those tier 2 cities, that is deeply rooted in its traditional mores and a huge tourist destination. Planned by Vidhyadhar Bhattacharya, Jaipur was developed in a grid system that had wide straight avenues, straight roads, streets, lanes and uniform rows of shops on either side of the main bazaars. This old city is still the hub of many business and commercial activities. The city houses various old homes, havelis, temples and shops. Jaipur is the third city in the country, apart from Kolkata and Delhi, to have a metro network that includes both train and road network. Jaipur has a lot to offer to the tourists and is an architectural marvel, so beautiful that the visitors can simply walk around the narrow streets and simply amaze at the city.

Flats in Jaipur

Of late, Jaipur has been revolutionized with real estate boom. Property prices have been rising at an astonishing rate, and yet it is still affordable to buy yourself a flat in Jaipur. What’s more, each flat is created and developed and designed in such a way, that they become a perfect blend of aesthetic aspirations and functional simplicity, in harmonious unison with nature, to fulfill the dreams and aspirations of society. Flats are designed such that its residents can live, play and relax; a true heaven to escape from the hectic life of the city.

Many reputable builders are offering many affordable flats in Jaipur, in various categories- luxurious flats, 1 BHK, 2 BHK, 3 BHK, studio apartments, at many affordable locations in Jaipur. These locations are not only affordable, but also prime locations in Jaipur. This extensive drive for flats in Jaipur has risen by more than 30% in the current scenario.This is also made possible because of government policies in the case of home loans, so that it becomes easier for the buyers to buy flats easily. The RHB, JDA and NHB are working very hard to ensure that the average buyer is able to buy an affordable flat in Jaipur.

Monday, 11 February 2013

Office in Kolkata – Seeking to Buy Commercial Property

Are you looking for a modern office space, a space that is replete with state-of-the-art infrastructure, facilities and amenities, in the culturally vibrant city of Kolkata?

To begin with, Kolkata is the capital of West Bengal and is one of the most vibrant cities of India. It is also the commercial capital of East India and was founded during the times of East India Company. It went on to assume greater prominence and become a powerful city during the British Raj. Kolkata was also the birthplace of modern Indian ideas in arts, aesthetics, literature, culture, and most importantly social reform. It was here that Raja Ram Mohan Roy banned the ‘Sati’ practice and it was here only that Bankim Chandra gave us our first national anthem.

It is only natural that anyone would like to be a part of this great vibrant city, just for the thrill and excitement of being a part of this cultural experience. As we know that Kolkata is the commercial capital of Eastern India, it obviously makes sense to have a office space here to conduct your businesses on this side of the country. Kolkata is very well taken care of by the government in the process of development. Real estate business has also had a great impetus by the government. No wonder then, some of the best business houses of Kolkata have ventured into the Real Estate Market. Some of the most posh locations for offices in Kolkata are Park Street, Gibson Street, et al.

So the next time you are in Kolkata, beginning your business, or expanding your business, and in a real need for a posh office space in the business districts of Kolkata, just go online and search for the best deal with these real estate developers. You are sure to strike a mine of gold!

These Kolkata builders have built a huge reputation for themselves, as they have exceeded their own standards of excellence in the development of architecture, the use of excellent material, best designs and space optimization, and offering you a vast array of amenities. Not only that, they keep abreast of the latest in real estate industry, in fact, they actually create trends for the entire country to follow and setting an example to them. They adopt the latest and best in management strategies to optimize on their working patterns, and create cost efficiency, so that they can pass on their benefits to their customers. Taking the help of builders to decide for the best office at a prime location is the best option in Kolkata. Here’s what you need to know when to buy an office in Kolkata:

-    Ensure that the builder you are dealing with, is genuine and has a great reputation
-    Get the office papers vetted by your lawyer, so that you know your investment is safe
-    Take utmost care of the Vastu, if you have belief in the system
Ensure that the property has been cleared by the government and municipal authorities.

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Saturday, 9 February 2013

Properties and Real Estate Builders in Jaipur

Jaipur, as the Pink City, is a beautiful example of traditional and modernity, with a medieval well panned city and a modern well planned city, all rolled into one. And if you plan to live in Jaipur, you can actually live like a king or a queen, given the fact that each office or home, is designed in such a way that it optimizes on space and therefore living.

Jaipur is one of the upcoming developed cities with a strong focus on real estate. A flourishing trading and business centre, Jaipur has some of the best business houses for real estate. These builders, developers and colonizers have just the right acumen and foresight to develop the real estate market in Jaipur. They have strived to create self sufficient communities out of pockets of land and provide customers the highest lifestyle and living standards. They constantly pioneer newer technologies, innovative design and precise engineering to create landmark residential townships and commercial complexes. Propelled by the drive to change expectations and the lifestyle of people, the builders of Jaipur have changed the skyline of the city and have ushered in an era marked by higher standards of living and global lifestyles throughout Rajasthan.

And that’s not all. If you think that the big builders sell property at higher rates, then there are many small time builders who can give you the best deal for your money, if you are looking at buying property at affordable rates. Majority of the builders in Jaipur offer a 2BHK apartment between 20- 30 lakhs, depending on the location, amenities and property size. A 3 BHK apartment can cost anything between 27- 35 lakhs, while a studio apartment ranges between 18- 28 lakhs. Given the borrowing capacity of the middle class income group of 10- 20 lakhs, it is an easier bet to buy an affordable property in Jaipur.

Lets take a look at the property prices in Jaipur in 2012:

C Scheme, Civil Lines and Bapu Nagar - 4000- 7000 INR per sq feet

Mansarovar, Chitrakoot, Vaishali Nagar and Bani Park- 2500- 4000 INR per sq feet

Ajmer Road and Jagatpura- 2200- 2500 INR per sq feet

Of late, there has been a huge demand in 2BHK and 3 BHK flats in Jaipur. The builders in Jaipur, both big and small, are enchasing on this demand and now buyers have a large variety of flats to choose from, ranging in size and features.  The prices are demand sensitive and even if the prices fall down, due to government policies, the chances are that not a lot might change, as the demand is very huge in Jaipur. This is especially true of the suburbs, as they continue to develop and add to Jaipur’s skyline and progress. The properties built in Jaipur assure the buyer of the highest standards in architectural design construction, building materials, on-time completion and overall customer satisfaction. And we all know that the builders are leaving no stone unturned to make sure that they offer you the best options in real estate.

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Thursday, 7 February 2013

Property in Kolkata - Get Best Deals on Property

The economic, commercial and cultural, art and literary capital of West Bengal and Eastern India, Kolkata came into prominence under the British Raj, in fact, it was the capital of the British India for more than 70 years.

So, how is Kolkata different from other metro cities of India? What makes it different? Kolkata is a city with a soul, that still retains its old world charm, it is a city with a conscience and will take positive action about issues only after weighing its pros and cons. It is an embodiment of the love of culture, it is the victory of intellectual growth over greed, it is a city full of emotions, transparent and pure, where hypocrisy and double standards find no place, human emotions are given the utmost importance, it is one of the ‘live’ cities of, not just India, but the world.

Would you like to live in this beautiful city, with a soul? Yes and no!

If the answer is yes, then rush online and find the best builder and developers, to find the best property in Kolkata. Find the best property, at a location convenient for you, laden with the latest and best facilities and amenities, across Kolkata.  In close proximity to universities, educational institutions and hospitals, an ever efficient public transport system, life is a smooth ride for all those working and living in Kolkata. Plus, it is a treat to watch your kids grow, not just intellectually, but with an acute sensitivity to art and culture.

Even if you have no plans of staying in Kolkata, you can still invest in property in Kolkata. The land prices in Kolkata have not shot up as much as in the other metros and tier 2 cities, and are still in the bracket of affordability for the normal middle class man. It is still a worthwhile and sound investment to buy a property in Kolkata. Not only does your investment increase manifold, if you choose to rent the flat, you could make a decent earning out of your property. Plus, the property rates will obviously increase, also because of real estate and development friendly policies of the government.  

The price value of land and property in Kolkata are increasing every single day, so grab this opportunity and fix up an appointment with some of the big names, to avail of a nice property with the best amenities and construction at the best possible prices. Do see your income and investment increase every year.

When you talk to them about your property requirements in Kolkata, they will assist you with finding the right property solution. And you can be sure that you shall be given the best in architectural design construction, building materials, facility management, on-time completion and overall customer satisfaction. Kolkata is all geared to witness a paradigm shift in lifestyles and real estate through its world class structures.

Be sure that you pick the best builder and developer with a strong and a long reputation in the industry, so that your investment grows at a steady rate.

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Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Real Estate - The Best Properties in Jaipur

Jaipur is commonly known as the “Pink City” and is the capital of Rajasthan. Its glorious history is reflected and glimpses seen in its handicrafts, textiles, city planning, majestic forts, royal splendor and vibrant culture. The best feature of Jaipur is its city planning, that inspires all, both in the past and present.

In the Tier 2 cities, Jaipur is one of the most planned cities with matching infrastructure and developed amenities, and state of the art entertainment and living facilities in the country. Jaipur is equidistant from both Delhi and Mumbai, the political and economic capitals of India, not just physically, but culturally and borrows the best from these centers to its benefits. The real estate sector in Jaipur has also benefited from this.

All properties in Jaipur are built with the best architectural specifications, materials, facilities and amenities that enhance lifestyles and comfortable living. With new evolutions in design, space planning, fixtures, furniture, grand entrances and lobbies, kitchen equipments, material language, Jaipur are one of the hottest cities in the country to invest in properties.

Hassle free traffic, adequate water supplies and electricity, hospitals, supermarkets, educational institutions within reach, all of this in the city of royalty- Jaipur. So hurry and make the wise decision to invest and stay in one of the hottest properties in Jaipur.

A large number of real estate developers have launched many notable residential and commercial projects in Jaipur. Notable builders create inspiring, vibrant environments which combine high specification residential and select retail, restaurant and office spaces, and are guided by their entrepreneurial approach, their contemporary views on metropolitan living and dedicated focus on creativity that come together to create premium apartments and living spaces, which are unique and exceptionally exciting places to live.

Not only that, the state government and Jaipur Development Authority and the Jaipur Municipal Corporation are taking proactive steps to ensure that all properties enjoy the clear legal status, and have the best DLC rates, to keep prices realistic.

It might be interesting to see how realistic and less the property rates in Jaipur are, at the moment. A property in prime locations, like C Scheme, Civil Lines and Bapu Nagar ranges between 4000- 7000 INR per sq feet. Other prime residential locations like Mansarovar, Chitrakoot, Vaishali Nagar and Bani Park offer property rates between 2500- 4000 INR per sq feet. Further locations like Ajmer Road and Jagatpura range their property rates between 2200- 2500 INR per sq feet. And it is clearly estimated that these property rates shall increase by at least 15% (maximum 30%), as soon as the Jaipur Development Authority revises its reserve prices in the beginning of 2013.

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Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Access the Best Deals in Real Estate Jaipur

Post 1991, after liberalization, real estate development has attracted everyone’s interests. Not only has the land for the sake of development increased, it has given a large number of people employment and investment opportunities, and benefiting, not just people, but the economy, at large.

And, mind you, it is not just the big four metros, it is also the Tier 2 cities that are attracting real estate development. Tier 2 cities like Jaipur, Faridabad, Pune, Mangalore, Cochin, etc, are booming with real estate business, like never before. And after the government has allowed 100% FDI in construction business, there has been no turning back. Not only has a huge amount of money flowed in, there has been a marked improvement in terms of design, services, infrastructure, materials, technologies and amenities, in each and every real estate that has been developed so far.

Jaipur has made the most of all the advantages in the real estate industry. The builders, developers and colonizers, with a strong entrepreneurial streak and the ability to keep pace with modern technologies and innovative construction methods and ethical management practices, have taken up real estate business, market and economy to newer heights.

Not only have they taken care of the local residents in creating their dream homes and offices, they have catered very well to the NRI community, as well. Today, real estate has emerged as a very lucrative option for the NRI community, as the rupee weakens itself against the dollar. As the rupee weakens itself against the dollar, it is predicted that it will consolidate itself against the dollar by the end of the year. This automatically means that the NRI community will get better investment return, only through the consolidation of the rupee, not to mention the annual 15- 30 % hike in real estate prices.

As the NRI community buys and invests in the real estate in Jaipur, it is a real boon for the local average buyers here. Jaipur is the most visited city by tourists all over the world. The Pink City is well known for its jewelry, gems, handicrafts, textiles, as it is for the royalty, the regale splendor of the Rajput kings, majestic forts and palaces, all steeped in traditional mores. But it does not stop here. Jaipur has been very active with its development as well. Well planned roads, modern traffic systems and no traffic jams, adequate water supply and electricity, government funded industrial zones, entertainment zones, malls and multiplexes, world class educational institutions, and a well connected metro. This is only making it closer to Delhi, the political capital of the country and is poised to be the next Gurgaon.

Life is also very kind to you in Jaipur, with all basic facilities closer to you, just a stone’s throw away. So when you invest in real estate in Jaipur, make sure you check if the property is approved by the JDA, is in close proximity to the Metro and if you can get a home loan with the property.

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Monday, 21 January 2013

Residential Building Construction in Rajarhat

Residential Projects in Rajarhat
The government of West Bengal has conceived of Rajarhat, in east Kolkata, as its satellite part, to be a key place for residential and commercial operations. The property and its rates in South Kolkata have already reached its saturation point. There is no space available for further development in South Kolkata. It is very obvious, therefore, that growth needs to get decentralized and other parts of Kolkata grow in terms of businesses, educational institutions, multiplexes and entertainment zones, and residential spaces.

Rajarhat has becomes a very favorable destination for residential projects, because of its close proximity to the business district of Kolkata. Rajarhat has been developed really well in keeping with the modern urban development, with its wide and well-connected roadways, with educational institutions, schools and colleges close by, hospitals and medical facilities in close proximity, with large open and green areas and lush green gardens, and beautiful water-bodies. Feels like the best thing when you can see the rising sun the first thing in the morning, welcoming you to begin your day, in your bed! So, if you are looking for great place to stay in, flats in Rajarhat are a right choice.

In Kolkata, various hospitality and retail related projects have been launched in Rajarhat, in East Kolkata, apart from the commercial and residential projects. So, build your dream house, away from all the noisy clutter and traffic snarls of the busy Kolkata choose from amongst the wide varieties of flats in Rajarhat, with some of the best builders in Rajarhat. All the flats in Rajarhat that have been built by the builders at Rajarhat, like the Siddha Group, have the best architectural specifications, latest materials, state-of-the-art-facilities and amenities that enhance lifestyles and comfortable living. All flats in Rajarhat can boost of new evolutions in design, space planning, fixtures, furniture, grand entrances and lobbies, kitchen equipments, material language.

The builders are providing houses at very cheap rates, which range between 4 lakhs and 20 lakhs. Now where else in the other metro cities can you find such cheap flats, that too, in such close proximity with the airport and other major business hubs.Flats at Rajarhat have been made affordable by the builders at Rajarhat to cater to the economically weaker sections of the society, including the working middle class.

Real estate in Rajarhat in east Kolkata is still affordable, given its still nascent demand and supply balance, but it is for sure that the skyline of Rajarhat and Kolkata is all set to change, as many builders and developers are pumping in money to invest in land and property. So, whether it is exclusive luxury homes or business retail spaces or apartments for chic urban living, come and be a part of Rajarhat and Kolkata’s progress and help yourself prosper, as well.   

Just go online and find builders who are constructing properties in Rajarhat, find the best one that suits your needs and specifications, so that you can find the best deal in there. Visit At Here to Get Know More About: Office in Kolkata

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Thursday, 17 January 2013

Jaipur Builders - A Way to Invest Your Money in Real Estate

If you are interested in owning one property in jaipur, then you are making a right choice. jaipur is an attractive place in the Rajasthan(India) and now a famous tourist destination and a hot tourist spot in the world. If you own a luxurious house or a villa in this place, this could mean that you might have the opportunity to be neighbors with known Hollywood celebrities or some famous celebrities around the world. Naturally, they are living in some exclusive and high end subdivisions but it you cannot afford such luxury, you can always go to the more affordable place in Jaipur and contact to trusted Jaipur Builders whose prices of properties have reasonable rates.

Jaipur is an ideal place not only as a tourist destination but it has also an excellent connection to the major cities of Asia. As a tourist destination, the place offers various tourist attractions that will suit anyone’s taste. Actually, it's capable of competing with the most exclusive and high end holiday destinations in Asia. Another reason why most tourists would come to India is its fine weather condition that is present all year round. Since this is a holiday destination, there are several Jaipur Builders properties you can choose. You can to for beautiful villas with stunning views or you can choose to be near the Forts or maybe near the areas where there are orange and olive groves. Whatever you prefer has a lot to offer to anybody who wants to invest in this area.

An exact opposite perhaps of a place like Jaipur is the capital of Rajasthan. This is a small city but sought after by tourists from around Europe. Usually the place was only a stop over for tourist when they go to the neighboring towns that are equally beautiful. The place does not only offer scenic views and perfect climate but also provides water enthusiasts with different sports. Jaipur offers different kinds of tours for different forts and places like Amer forts, jaigarh forts, and hawamahal etc. Additionally, since tourism is a major income in this area, investing in Jaipur property is the best investment you can have for your hard earned money. It is ideal if you would invest in villas or houses with the good view of the sea. Since the area of Jaipur is limited, the construction of structures are also limited that is why there is an increase demand for more housing facilities.

For more information on proper investing in Jaipur Builders property, it is advisable to seek the guidance of a real estate agent that has knowledge on the local area as well as on the legalities of the documents needed. These Builders can also help you on the right way of investing in property, they can give you areas that will become valuable in the near future.

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Thursday, 10 January 2013

Get the Best of Real Estate Properties in Kolkata

In Kolkata, modernity vie with the traditional, human emotions and sensibilities take precedence over economic pursuits, greed and anger, art, literature and aesthetics taught to and imbibed into children at a very young age. This not only makes Kolkata a very vibrant city, an important city, a city that grows with you and within you, no matter wherever you are in this big world. A bit of Kolkata remains in you.

And Kolkata welcomes you to live all your life here, make your family, make money, raise your children, rise up the social and economic ladder, to grow with her, and make you’re a better one and a conscientious one.

And how do you do that? Invest in the real estate, buy a flat or office or land in Kolkata- make your first connection with the city. There are many builders in Kolkata to help you invest in and buy the right real estate for you. And you can get to choose from a large variety of options, as there have been many new projects, both commercial and residential, coming up in various parts of the city. It might be important to tell the visitor that most of Kolkata has been developing on the southern side and reached its peak, as most of the middle and upper middle class people have been living there already. Property rates are on the higher side here than the rest of Kolkata. Areas like EM Byepass, Ballygunj, Gariahat and Jodhpur Park, in south Kolkata are priced at 2400- 3500 INR per square feet. It might be a wise decision to look at New Town (east), Rajarhat (east), Jessore Road (north), Kaikhali (south), Narendrapur (south), Keshtopur, Jadhavpur, Kasba and other nearby areas.

As the city grows to accommodate many people who come from all over the country for work and in search of life, the real estate in the city will have to cater to the housing and commercial demands of the population. It is estimated that the real estate market in Kolkata is still in a nascent stage and will witness at least twenty years of exponential growth.

Kolkata is also favored by the government as a realty destination. As a result, builders and developers across the city are finding the best of land and developing them into hot real estate destinations. All parts of real estate- residential, commercial and retail are witnessing massive developments in order to meet the ever growing demands of property. As Kolkata transforms itself from a sleepy city into a bubbling IT destination, decentralization in growth has begun to happen. As a result, Central Kolkata has already seen vast areas of expansion in real estate and IT and related sector. However, this growth still has to gain momentum across all parts of Kolkata, and therefore investing in real estate in all parts of Kolkata is a very viable and attractive option.

So this is one of the most opportune moments to buy real estate in Kolkata, just go online and find that builder who delivers according to your needs and demands.

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Tuesday, 8 January 2013

How to Choose the Top Builders in India for Your Home Renovation?

The top builders in India will ensure that they use the best building material, best space allocation, large number of amenities, so that they can deliver the maximum benefits to their customers.

So now you are sure that you want to buy a property, yet not sure about what to buy, where to buy, how much to buy, and most importantly, how to buy? Do you think the options that you have zeroed in on, need to be discussed with an expert or a professional? Are you sure that your property is worth the money that you invested in? Are you satisfied with the builder that has made and developed your flat, office or the land? Better still, are you an NRI and you are looking for an investment in real estate?

Of course, the time is right to invest in real estate. In fact, there is no better time ever to invest in real estate, which shall yield you with returns up to double, too. With the development friendly policies of the central and state governments in India, especially after liberalization, real estate is experiencing a huge boom. Property rates in India have also seen an upward trend after the global meltdown and recession, because recession did not affect India as much as the other countries.

Well, so the first thing to do while buying a property is to find a well known and reputable builders and developers, who are known all over India for their commitment to quality, like the Siddha Group in Jaipur and Kolkata, Hiranandani in Mumbai, DLF in Delhi, Puravankara projects, Sobha developers down in Chennai. There have been many places across India where the working middle class has lost their hard earned money and savings and have still not gotten their dream homes, either because the builders were fraud or they were using substandard material, leading to poor construction and therefore spending other amounts constantly on repair. So, ensure that you buy your property with the top builders in India.

Also, look at their previous projects in order to know about the quality of construction, space allocation and optimization, and access to important facilities.

Also, make sure that the property has water connection and electricity from the municipal corporation. Ensure that the property you invest in has been sanctioned by all government authorities. All the top builders in India will only provide its customers with sanctioned plans and get rated by a credit agency like CRISIL, ICRA.

Just remember that top builders in India have an efficient team of professionals like interior designers, architects, engineers and managers, who will strive to create and develop the best and world class residential and commercial projects to help you find and achieve that home of your dreams. In the last two decades, a lot of builders have established their names and reputations as top builders of India, notable names being Siddha Group, Ansal API, DLF Group, Kalpataru Group, UB Group and Tata Group.

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Thursday, 3 January 2013

Guides to Buy Right Flats in Kolkata

Kolkata is the commercial and cultural capital of West Bengal and the whole of Eastern India. It was found on the banks of the river Hoogly and between the two lakes. It is the third largest metropolitan city of the country, as also the third most populated city. And a large population obviously means a huge demand for residential properties and flats. The need for flats in Kolkata has grown upwards in a spiral form and is increasing day by day. The fast development in the need for flats fin Kolkata is also because of the reforms of progress by the new government. That has resulted in the massive increase in new offices, new jobs, new flats, new shopping complexes, new departmental stores, new and more schools and hospitals, new entertainment facilities, and all of this, giving a much bigger impetus to more and more of real estate growth.  This obviously makes Kolkata a favorite real estate destination.

Flats in Kolkata

The biggest advantage of buying property and flats in Kolkata is that the land prices here have not increased manifold, as it has done in the other metro cities of Mumbai and Delhi. Also, Kolkata is the cheapest city amongst all metros, thanks to its very advanced and rapid public transport systems, making accessibility easier and commuter friendly. The standard of living is also relatively cheaper as compared to the other metros. Plus, electricity and water supply are in plenty. So, if you are still looking at options to buy a flat somewhere in the country just for investment purposes, look for flat options in Kolkata, with some of the esteemed builders, and your flat will give you very huge and substantial returns.

And if you are looking forward to buy flats to live in, then Kolkata is also a very good choice and option. The residential properties that have come up in and around Kolkata are world class standards and known for their quality par excellence. The state-of-the-art infrastructure, the use of eco friendly and best quality materials, optimization on space, best facilities like schools and hospitals in proximity, entertainment and healthy living benefits, all of these make the flats in Kolkata a very lucrative proposition to stay on and hang around in Kolkata. Not to mention that your investment in the flat in continuously increasing manifold.

Flats in Kolkata

 The newly developed areas are New Town (east), Rajarhat (east), Jessore Road (north), Kaikhali (south), Narendrapur (south), Keshtopur, Jadhavpur, Kasba and other nearby areas. You can get yourself a flat between values of 2000- 3200 INR per sq feet. What’s more, you can buy a flat through long term installment payments, and avail of financial assistance from the banks. And if you want to put your flat on rent, it is also a very lucrative option, as there are many people from the working class, middle and upper middle class, who can’t afford to buy a house and will eagerly take up a rented home.

So you are all set to win, no matter whether you stay in the flat or not.

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